Conservation is a topic that is in everyone’s homes these days. Finding tips to make your household more energy efficient is always a good idea, so you may find these tips to be quite helpful. We’re going to talk about how you can conserve water in your home, which will convert to saved energy. Who wouldn’t want to lower their water bill, along with their power bill?

Upgrading to Energy-Efficient Water Heater

There are multiple brands and models of water heaters out there today that you can purchase that are energy efficient. All you have to do is find those that have the Energy Star label. If you use a lot of hot water throughout the day for washing dishes, clothes and taking showers, then you are overworking your water heater, which rises your electric bill. The old school water heaters that are over ten years old are on 24-hours a day to keep water heated. They deliver heat on demand, unlike with the newer models that are tankless or semi-tankless. These models heat water faster and don’t require a whole tank to be filled with water and to be heated, saving you between 10% and 20% on heating costs.

Traditional Water Heater Methods

If you’re not able to upgrade your water heater, then you can make some adjustments to try and make your current model more energy efficient. You can purchase a water heater blanket that you can wrap around the unit, which will help to save up to 9% on your monthly bill. You can also adjust the temperature settings on the system from 130 degrees to 120 degrees to lower your bill by 5%. Having a contractor insulate the hot pipes in your home can also help you save energy and money, you also won’t have to wait as long for your water to heat up.

Purchase Appliances that are Energy Efficient

Your water heater isn’t the only appliance that you can have upgraded. You can conserve the amount of hot water in your home by purchasing appliances that were built to do just that. For instance, you can buy a washing machine that has front loading, versus top loading. Front-loading machines are known to conserve more water and they have a rinse cycle that extracts moisture from your clothes, which means it won’t take as long for them to dry.
Another appliance that you can turn your attention to is your dishwasher. It’s a good idea to only wash dishes and clothes when you have a full load. Doing so could save you up to 1,000 gallons of water monthly. There are newer models of dishwashers available today that have great features like soil sensors that adjust how much hot water is needed, depending on how dirty your dishes are.

Buy Faucets and Showerheads with Low-Flow

The heads that your water pours from in your sink and shower can be minimized by replacing them with ones that have a lower flow. This will reduce the amount of water that sprays out at once. You can find these at your local home improvement store.

If you’re looking to conserve energy in your home, contact the experts at CA Green Remodeling for tips today!

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