living room pitWant to step out of the box and do something that you’ve yet to see anyone do in your social circle? If you’re looking to be the innovator and trend setter, then you should try aiming your interior designs and home renovations around doing something out of the ordinary. The focus of this article is to list unusual home interior designs and remodeling projects that you can use to make your residence awe inspiring.

Make Your Living Area a Gathering Pit

Traditionally, you’ll enter into a dining room for a hallway or other room, but the idea here is to lower your living room, so that you can make a cozy pit where you can enjoy the presence of your family and friends. This gives a chic and modern feel to living rooms, and will surely bring attention from any visitor that you invite into your home. Some people have a single staircase that is used to step down into the living area, while others will have wrap around steps that allows you to enter from anywhere in the room.

Pillow Room Attics Are Odd, Yet Comfy

This may be an unorthodox design for an attic, but imagine turning it into a room filled with pillows. It could be a great place to enjoy slumber parties or even movie time. Some people run electricity and cable lines to the attic, so that they can enjoy a late-night movie with a lover or with the family. The pillow room can be more conservative with large attached pillows with smaller pillows strewn about, resembling a never ending couch. There’s a lot of room to play around with this idea, so make the most of it!

attic pillow room

Turn Your Staircase into a Bookcase or Storage Space

If you have a staircase in your home and are an avid reader or book collector, then why not transform it into a bookcase. This can be easily done with the assistance of a licensed contractor, who will create shelves out of the back of your stairs. You can complete the look with flowers a chair and table or whatever else you think would make the space look more stylish. If space allows, you can create a reading area with a lamp and comfortable reading chair.

staircase storage

A lot of people overlook using their staircase as a storage space, but there’s plenty of hollow space beneath. With a little help from a contractor, your stairs can be remodeled to open up, so that you can easily store items inside. You’d be surprised at how much space they can offer. There are also areas on the side of the staircase that can have drawer-like storages installed, allowing you to pull them out and store things as needed. Some people store their shoes, and other belongings here. Others transform this area into a wine storage or a book nook.

Two Dishwashers Are Better than One

If you have a large family and lots of dishes, you may find that installing an extra dishwasher to be very beneficial. A contractor can designate an area close by for your second dishwasher, so that loading time is easy. One dishwasher could be washing, while you use the other to load the fresh dishes. Never have to worry about waiting for the dishes to be cleaned again. You can find models of dishwashers from KitchenAid that offer double drawers as well.

A Tree House Guest House

Need a place for your guests to stay, but don’t have the extra space in your home? If your yard won’t allow space for building a conventional guest home, you can get creative by building a tree house instead. This tree house, of course, would be created in a sensible way, so that it is ideal for your overnight guests. You’ll need to have your trees inspected by a contractor to see if this is a possibility for your property.

Add Kitchen Storage Space with Baseboard Drawers

If you’ve run out of ideas for adding space in your kitchen, then you have likely overlooked the baseboards. These can be transformed into drawers, where you can store small items that you don’t use too often – surely, you don’t want to bend down frequently to get out daily utensils that you and your family use. This can also be done in the bathroom, making it a good place to store toiletries and wash cloths.

Build a Hidden Safe Room

Worried about storms or burglars? With a hidden safe room, you can store your prized possessions in it and use it to keep yourself and your family safe and hidden. This can be done by building a bookcase that opens up into a room behind it or maybe you can think up something a bit more creative. This hidden room could be a place to enjoy yourself, so think about placing a television and other items that you typically like to use.

Build a Playroom Above Your Staircase

If you have nothing but tall ceiling above your staircase, you can make use of it by installing a playroom for your children. The same stairs can be used to gain access, by creating a walkway to the landing area.

There are many unique ideas out there that you can use to transform your living space into something more functional and unusual. If you’re looking for odd ways renovate your home, try implementing a couple of these ideas into your project. Contact CA Green Remodeling today to get a quote for your next home remodeling project.

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