GreenhouseIf you enjoy gardening year-round, you can beat the winter by building a greenhouse. Greenhouses are ideal for small and big gardens and can be used in any part of the country. Greenhouses can be used for vegetables, flowers or even herbs. A lot of people are finding greenhouses to be a great option because they are affordable and customizable. You can try building your own greenhouse or hire a professional contractor to do it for you. The price of your greenhouse will be determined by the size and features that you choose.

Miniature Greenhouses

If space is a problem for your property miniature greenhouses can be the right option for you. Before, larger greenhouses were very common, but the cost to build and maintain are much higher, not to mention you need acres of land instead of just a small lot that a mini greenhouse would need. If you’re only looking to grow a couple of plants, then the mini greenhouse would be ideal. The great thing about mini greenhouses is that you can place them anywhere you want. Creating space for one is easy and you still get to customize the size, so that it fits perfectly. Some people even place mini greenhouses on their balconies and patios. You can use the greenhouse to start seedlings while it’s still cold out and then transplant them to your outside garden when it gets warm again.
Larger cold frame miniature greenhouses can be used if you’re looking to house more plants during the cooler months. The prices for both can be between $20 and $300, depending on size.

Portable Greenhouses

Portable greenhouses are another option, and just as they sound, you’re able to move them easily. They are easy to put up and put down. You can close it down and store it in the garage, basement or outdoor shed when you have no use for it. They shouldn’t be used as permanent greenhouses because they are not sturdy enough. Instead, you can use this in between seasons to start seedlings until growing season arrives. Portable greenhouses are an economical choice, requiring a very low initial investment between $30 and $150, in most cases. Plus, these portable houses can even be used as a temporary tool shed, so you get two uses out of one. You can continue using the portable greenhouse until you plan to have a permanent one built.

Big Greenhouse

If you have space for one, you can have a large greenhouse built to fit majority, if not all of your garden into. The great thing about big greenhouses is that if you make them large enough, you can fit just about anything in there, including trees and bushes. Another great factor about them is that they can be built with many great features like temperature control. If you’re trying to grow exotic tropical plants in a non-tropical location, this is possible when you have a temperature-controlled garden house. In order to build one, you will need the assistance of a contractor. The prices for one vary, depending on the features you will have and the size.

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