Remodeling mistakesWant to ensure that your home remodeling project goes as planned? Then you’ll have to look at every aspect of your renovation plan to make sure that everything is covered. Just one area overlooked could cost you more money or end up ruining the design or quality of your remodel. Read on to learn two mistakes that every homeowner should avoid when doing home improvements.

Never Assume Your Project is Cheaper to Do Yourself

A lot of people decide to do their own home improvements because they feel it would be cheaper than hiring an experienced contractor. In actuality, it could end up costing you a heck of a lot more. Here’s why:
• No discount for materials. Professionals are able to get building supplies at a deep discounted rate. They are also able to negotiate warranties and return privileges on behalf of their clients. You won’t get that from your local home improvement store.

• Low quality tools. Unless you have thousands of dollars to dish out on high quality tools, you’re going to end up with low quality tools that can’t handle the job. Having the wrong tool could cost you more because of the damage it could cause to your project.

• Code violations are expensive. If you don’t follow building codes, you could end up getting fined. It’s important to check with your local building codes to ensure that your project is within their rules and regulations. Not following it could even devalue your property.

• Too much time to finish. It could take weeks or even months to complete a big home improvement project on your own. This is especially true if you’re working on it by yourself. This will take time away from your personal life with your family and friends.

• The quality of the job and value of your home. If you don’t do a quality job on the renovation, the value of your home will quickly plummet. Your house is likely the biggest investment you have made, so it’s important that you not gamble with its value. You never know when you’ll want to sell and when and if you did, you should get a profit.

Make Sure Your Design Plan is Complete
If you don’t have a complete design plan for your home improvement project, you could end up making mistakes that are too costly to change. Your plan should include the entire home, not just one area of the house at a time. This is especially true if you are planning a full house renovation or major renovations in a certain area of the home. Don’t leave the contractors guessing what you want done – give them a complete design plan that will showcase how you want the house to look after the work is done. It’s a good idea to have the design drawn up by a firm that is going to do the actual building.

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