attic conversionAn attic can be one of the most charming living spaces in your home, if you figure out ways to remodel it properly. Think of all the awesome little books you’ve read in your childhood, and you will find that a lot of protagonists spent a majority of their time in the attic.

10 Factors to Keep In Mind

When you are planning to remodel your attic into a wonderful additional room, these factors/ tips will be very helpful:

Install wide glass windows to let in maximum sunlight. A properly lit attic, particularly naturally-lit, always appears more open and expansive. It keeps the oppression of space at bay. Do not place a bookshelf against a window and block all the sun that it will otherwise let you get.

Since an attic is generally small, do not include heavy items in your plans. Sufficiently light items can give the illusion of space and can keep it from looking and feeling suffocating.

The slanting roof should be painted in a light color. It makes the space cheerful and also makes it appear higher than it actually is. Paint the rest of the room in the same, albeit a slightly darker, shade. The more of a single color you see around you, the more spacey it will all appear.

Do not hang paintings. Paint your landscapes, or whatever else it is you like, on the walls directly. Paint something that, again, gives an illusion of space. Like a seafront.

If the space is enough, include a small washroom in your plans.

Place a storage trunk at the foot of the bed. You can use it to store stuff that you would normally use the attic for storing. Place a cushion on top of the trunk so as to make it double as seating. The golden rule of attic transformation is ‘the optimum utilization of space’.

Keep away from blinds or drapes that block too much of the light. You can get all the privacy you want even with sheer drapes. Remember, no one really peeps into attic windows.

The number of things you keep in the attic is directly proportional to its oppressiveness. Keep only the furniture that you actually need, books that you actually read (for example, keep the Pilates table out and the copy of War and Peace in your study).

Do not try to make it a multi-functional space. For example, do not try to bring in gym equipment, your writing instruments and stationery, your LCD, your best wine collection, your coffee table books, your photography equipment and your Jacuzzi. Stick to your plans. An attic is, after all, an attic. It can serve as a retreat spot, a guest bedroom, or an alternate office. Minimization is the key.

Texture always works better than solid paint on the walls.

Painting the ceiling beams in a dark shade makes them stand out. It also produces an effect of contrast against the rest of the ceiling. It gives you more to look at, thus increasing the perceived space of the attic.

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