home remodelingThe new year means new beginnings for a lot of folks, and a lot of them are planning to start with a brand new home. No, not buying a new home, but makeover their current property. With home renovations, just about anything is possible, making it worthwhile to keep your home, rather than selling it to purchase a new one. If you had the opportunity to transform your house into a place that was more enjoyable to be in and look at, wouldn’t you jump on it? Many homeowners are doing so with home renovation projects. There are many different things you can do, but here are a couple you can use for inspiration.

Getting Rid of Bathtubs for Frameless Showers

When’s the last time you actually took a bath? If you’re like many, you haven’t done so in a very long time – possibly even years. It’s no secret that bathtubs are unpopular in most people’s homes, so why allow them to continue taking up valuable space? Those who are thinking the same thing are removing their tubs and installing open frameless showers. These are great for wet rooms, which are designed to take showers without doors or curtains. In this case, tile floors and walls are needed that can handle lots of moisture.

Standalone Tubs Are Making a Comeback

On another note, the homeowners who aren’t yet ready to ditch their bathtubs are switching over to standalone, or freestanding, tubs. These are great additions in bathrooms that are either modern or old fashioned. For an old fashioned feel, the standalone bathtubs with the claw feet make great additions. However, there are some modern-looking freestanding bathtub models available on the market today.

standalone tub

Redesigning with Sustainability in Mind

Home renovations are starting to lean more towards sustainability and eco-friendliness. Everything from the type of appliances they are installing to the type of materials being used for home renovation projects is being carefully planned out by homeowners, with the help of licensed contractors who are experienced in the green arena. Some of the trends we may see in this area could include adding more windows and bigger windows for added sunlight, which could lower heating costs in the wintertime and allow the lights to be off during the daytime. Energy efficiency at its best. Another would be to replace old models of air conditioners, furnaces, water heaters, washing machines, dryers and dish washers with ones that are Energy Star compliant.

Installing U-Sockets throughout the Home

Various electronic products, like iPhones, Kindles, iPads and digital cameras use U-Sockets, which are another term for USB ports. Instead of plugging these devices into a computer, it can instead by plugged into the wall directly, without the need for wall charger. These U-Sockets also come with a smart sensor that shuts off devices once they are fully charged, making them an excellent choice if you are looking to do home remodeling geared towards sustainability.

u socket

Urban Downsizing is the New Norm

This is a trend that started a while ago, but it looks like it will continue to go strong throughout 2014. Instead of moving into the suburbs, a lot more people are aiming towards urban downtowns, which have smaller spaces, but equally great features. This isn’t a home renovation trend, but it’s definitely at the top of the list for some people who are looking to buy a new home. However, there is a way to get the same effect, by making use of the space you already have. Instead of knocking down walls to enlarge spaces, you can remodel your home with efficiency in mind. Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean that it can’t be remodeled for functionality. With the right contractor, you can transform a small home into one that is fully functional and efficient and not to mention, it will be more cost-effective.

Futuristic Designs in the Kitchen and Bathroom

The future is now, and we’re starting to see more futuristic trends popping up in bathrooms and kitchens everywhere. We’ve already gone through the stainless steel appliance phase, and to complete the transformation, homeowners are adding tech lighting to their kitchens. The décor in bathrooms are also leaning towards a technical feel, using industrial designs and colors. This is what homeowners are doing to create a modern, yet futuristic feel to their homes.

Lots of Kitchen Remodeling Happening

The kitchen continues to be the most renovated room in homes across the nation. Everyone wants a modernized kitchen, which is pulling them into kitchen remodeling projects. Some are aiming towards kitchens with a rustic feel and others are gearing towards a minimalist design with subdued colors. The ideas for kitchen remodeling are endless and all comes down to homeowners taste. But likely, we’ll be seeing bolder and more unique designs in the kitchen this year.

Bathrooms with More Personality

Personality is something that’s lacking in a lot of bathrooms, but this year, we could see this change. Designers are predicting that 2014 is going to be the year where more homeowners are going to remodel their bathrooms with more of their own personal touch. This could mean coloring walls unusual colors, using nontraditional wall textures and implementing unique accessories.

bathroom with personality

The home remodeling trends for 2014 will continue to blossom well into the Spring time, but the beginning of the year is when homeowners tend to make a lot of home renovations. Whenever you decide to conduct a home remodeling project, contact the experts at CA Green Remodeling today!

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