conservatoryThe great thing about conservatories is that they can be an awesome way to add space to your home without actually purchasing a full-on extension. It is more convenient to build and they can be enjoyed by adults and children, making them a great family addition. You can use the conservatory as a storage room, living room, play room or a workout room. If you design the conservatory tastefully, it will also add a lot of value to your property (good news if you will one day sell your home). If you’re thinking about building a conservatory for your property, read the following tips beforehand.

1. Don’t build a conservatory just to build one. Know or have some idea of why you want it and what you plan to do with it. It has plenty of windows, so it can be used as a grow room or like a patio to enjoy the sun. What you plan to use it for will help to determine its size, shape and placement. Plus, it will help you to choose what furniture you will place in the conservatory.

2. Go with light and airy colors. A lot of people build their conservatories small, so to help make it feel more spacious, light and airy colors can be used. Light colors also make the room feel brighter. Most people use a combination of three colors like yellow, light green and pale blue. If you want to go with bolder tones, try using neutral shades to compliment it.

3. Fill the room with flowers and plants. This would be gorgeous whether you placed your conservatory in the middle of your garden or attached to your home as a small patio. Adding plant life will make you feel like you’re in the outdoors, plus it is good for your health. Try choosing high-oxygen plants like the spider plant or snake plant. Then the flowers can be bright and colorful to bring out natural beauty for your décor.

4. Use botanical prints and luxury fabrics. You can design the walls with botanical prints to give it an outdoorsy feel if you don’t want to care for live plants. With this, you can decorate your conservatory with nice textures like a suede couch or fancy plush rugs. Keep in mind the temperature changes between winter and summer, so design accordingly, so that you can enjoy your conservatory year-round. For instance, you may want to stay away from leather, which can get very cold or very hot.

5. Be clever with your design to maximize space. A lot of conservatories are built small, which means you will need to make do with the compact room. This includes how you place your furniture, the type of furniture you use and whatever other décor you decide to place inside.

When you are ready to begin designing and building your conservatory, consult with the contractors at CA Green Remodeling.

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