If your home or business was damaged by a fire, it’s very likely that your mind is in shambles. Those who have never been through a fire don’t know where to start in rebuilding their life afterward. There are basic steps that you can take to help you get your life back in order and possibly restore your property in the mix. Depending on how much damage was done from fire and water will determine whether you need to rebuild your home or if it can simply be restored.

Have Your Property Inspected

One of the first things that you should do when after your property has sustained fire and water damage is to have it inspected. This will give you an all-around idea of how much work will be required to make it inhabitable again. You will then be able to use that information to receive quotes from a home restoration contractor in your area. The assessment you receive can also be used for insurance purposes, so that you can let your insurer know how much damage was done to your valuables. The inspector will look at the damage done to your personal possessions and the cash value of your property. A salvage value will also be provided to you.

Replace Important Documents

Likely, you weren’t able to get important documents out during the fire, so whatever was lost, you will need to have replaced. This includes your license, ID, social security card, insurance cards, passports and car registration. This should be done as soon as possible and you should be able to get a letter from your local fire department stating that your property was indeed fire damaged, along with your personal items. Hopefully, you won’t have too many problems with obtaining new documents.

Ask for a Copy of the Fire Report

After the fire department puts out the fire, they are supposed to investigate the cause and the danger zones in your home, which would include broken windows, holes in floors, etc. The fire report can then be used by a contractor who specializes in fire restoration. It’s important that you hire professional to take a look at the fire damage and to restore your property. Trying to do things on your own could be dangerous. Breathing in all of the soot and ash can also be a health hazard. Special equipment will be needed for the cleanup and restoration process.

Contact Your Insurance Company

To help pay for the repairs of your property, you will need to speak with your insurance company. The fire report that you received will need to be sent to them for assessment on how much of your benefits you will receive. This can then be used to pay a professional fire restoration contractor to do the job.

Hiring a Fire Restoration Contractor

Once you have the funds in order to have your home or business restored, you can begin looking for a reliable contractor. Make sure that the contractor is licensed, bonded and insured and that they have experience with fire restoration. If you need small services, such as furniture restoration, ask to see if it is offered.
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