home insulationWinter is right around the corner – have you done everything that needs to be done to ensure that you and your family are safe, warm and without major problems? Since we’re already in autumn, you’ll need to act quickly to get prepared, if you haven’t done so already. There are a couple of remodeling and repair projects that should be undergone well before winter, but you shouldn’t have a problem finding a reliable contractor to complete the task for you. Below, you will find the top tips for remodeling your home for wintertime.

Have Your Attic, Windows and Doors Insulated

Before hiring a contractor to install insulation throughout your home, you should first have it inspected to see if it needs it. An air leakage test can be performed to determine if there are areas of your home that is leaking out your air and heat. Once this has been found, then you can go ahead and have the contractor begin insulating the areas that need to be sealed. Common areas that will likely need to be insulated include your attic, windows, front and back doors, and your air vents. Most homeowners have the entryways, windows and attic insulated, but forget about the air leakage that could be happening through their vents.

There are different types of insulation that you can choose for your home: fiberglass, mineral woo and rock wool and cellulose insulation. Let’s take a look into what these are, so that you can choose the best one for your home:

• Fiberglass insulation must be installed by a professional, because it requires proper handling with the use of a hat, goggles, gloves, mask and protective clothing to prevent skin and lung irritations. This is the most commonly used insulation for homes, and can either be purchased as batts or loose fill. It’s easy on the pockets and the batts are simple to have installed. Plus, it’s not flammable and is great with resisting water damage.

• Mineral and rock wool insulation is like fiberglass. However, it costs more and can be harder to find. It looks similar to the lint that comes out of your dryer and causes dust when being installed. Rockwool comes in the form of loose fill, so it can either be poured out or blown in. It’s important that rock wool doesn’t get wet because it can cause it to cake up and overtime, it begins to settle, both of which can reduce the effectiveness of the insulation.

• Cellulose insulation comes in a loose-fill form and is organic. It’s made from recycled paper, so it is an eco-friendly choice for homeowners. However, it does have to be chemically treated in order to prevent pests and moisture from attacking it. When water absorption occurs, it can make the cellulose heavier, making it compact, which will make it ineffective as an insulator.

If you decide to go with an insulation that is loose-fill, make sure to note that it compacts, so it’s a good idea to have it vacuumed, so that you can put in fresh insulation. Some homeowners choose to go with multiple types of insulation for different areas of the home. Others choose to place batts over loose-fill or vice versa. A professional insulation contractor can help you with choosing the best industry insulation for your home.

roof repairHaving Roof Repair Work Performed

The winter can be a cruel season, especially when it comes to wet storms. If your roof has a leak in it, then you will need to quickly have it repaired. If you don’t know the integrity of your rooftop, you can have a licensed roofer inspect it for you. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You may not have a leak right now, but there could be areas of the roof that need to be repaired before it becomes a problem, such as soft spots and tears.

If your roof is in really bad condition, you can choose to have your entire roof redone by a professional. There are different materials that you can choose from for this home improvement project. Let’s take a look at a few:

roof materials

• Composition shingles are commonly used by homeowners because it looks good and is easy on your wallet. There are high-quality types that you can buy that are made out of fiberglass or asphalt, which are more durable. Some are even made with recycled materials. There are many different brands, types and colors to choose from as well.

• Wood shakes aren’t as common, but some people like the natural look that it offers. You can find a variety of colors, thicknesses, widths and cut styles. Plus, they are energy efficient, since it helps to insulate your attic (kill two birds with one stone), but still allows your home to breathe as well. Keep in mind that this rooftop could lead to issues with mold, rot and pests. This would make the lifecycle costs. You can either go with a pressure-treated shake, which meets the fire safety standards or wipe-on or spray-on fire retardants, which are less effective and only last a couple of years.

• Clay tile roofs are nice looking, offering a southwestern or Spanish feel to your home’s design. The lifespan of clay tile roofs are great, and you don’t have to worry about them burning, rotting or getting ruined by pests. Just make sure that the roof support is strong, because clay tiles can be very heavy. In some cases, an extra roof support is required. The color of tiles can fade over time, unless you get a kiln-fired tile, which has permanent color.

• Slate shingles are frequently used on upscale homes. They are expensive, but offer a natural look to your home. They have a slivers of rock that are shingle-like. There are many different patterns that you can choose from. Slate lasts a long time and is resistant to fire. The maintenance is low and you don’t have to worry about rot or pests.

To have your home insulated and repaired for the winter, don’t hesitate to contact the licensed contractors at CA Green Remodeling. Call today!

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