Motion Activated Faucets and Intuitive Shower Systems

As technology grows wiser and easier to use, so can your bathroom! Nowadays, we are seeing high-tech bathroom products in businesses and in the home space. Whether you are a busy bee with a quick morning bathroom routine or an ultra-modern connoisseur, renovating your bathroom with today’s top technology has its benefits for all. With products from Delta, American Standard, and other motion activated lavatory faucets, your ordinary bathroom can turn into an efficient and fun experience. Check out intuitive shower systems from Kolher like the DTV Prompt or the fashionable and environmentally smart Numi toilet.

Heated Floors and Relaxing Tubs

Do you wake up in the morning, go to your bathroom to get the day started and find yourself chilly from the cold bathroom floor? There is a heart warming solution to your frigid issue! The SlabHeat by SunTouch has oxygen-free copper heating elements and high temperature thermoplastic insulation for a long lasting and chemically resistant heated bathroom floor. You work all day long, then come home and want to relax. Relieve stress using Eago’s Whirlpool Bath Tub. This tub offers what you deserve. From mood matching colored lighting schemes to 21 variegating jets, calm your senses and revitalize your bathroom experience through today’s technology.

Lighting and Entertainment

When you are getting ready to go out for a night on the town or an important business meeting, you need the proper lights to illuminate your every pore. LED lights for your tech savvy bathroom are the only way to go. LED lights do not have mercury in them. They produce less heat, are energy efficient, and are environmentally friendly. Treat yourself and the environment with high-tech LED lights either built into your wall or hanging from the ceiling of your bathroom. Nowadays, everyone has accessibility to music wherever they go. There are various entertainment options for your bathroom. Install an IPod or MP3 player stereo system throughout your bathing area. Control your tunes from the shower, toilet, and bathtub. Hang up flat screen televisions above your bathtub, in front of your toilet, and even in your shower! Go all out with systems that synchronize your LED lights to the music you have playing in your bathroom. These upgrades will nourish a fresh and bountiful bathroom experience for anyone who enters.

We are the professionals you deserve to counsel you into the future of home improvement. There are various ways you can redesign, rejuvenate, and customize your bathroom with the help of high-tech products and our professional workmanship. In this day and age, our lives can be enhanced and made more efficient by the use of 21st century gadgets. We are today’s builders and renovators making a better, more beautiful tomorrow. Contact us and let us provide you with the knowledge and experience of a 20+ year veteran in the home remodeling industry. If it’s an automated soap dispenser or a full bathroom makeover, we can be your guide and tools today!