Water and fire Damage RepairTime is of the essence when it comes to restoring your home after fire and water damage. The longer you take to start the restoration, the worse the damage becomes. To salvage what’s left of your property, you should have a contractor that specializes in water and fire damage to begin working on your home or business right away. When your home or business catches fire, the last thing firefighters are worried about are your hardwood floors as their dousing it down with water. Here are a couple of things you should know to help make the restoration of your home easier and quicker after its been damaged by fire and water.

Be Careful when Assessing the Damage

Keep in mind that your home has just sustained lots of structural damage, so you don’t want to go wandering about without knowing the weak areas. You should look at the damage done to the floors, walls, roof, stairs and ceiling before going inside of the property. Water damage can be tricky because it’s not as noticeable as fire damage. Rotted flooring that can break easy and electrical wiring that was water damaged could be a grave concern. Even the tap water should be checked out, which can possibly be contaminated, especially after a natural disaster. You should hire a fire and water damage restoration company to come and take a look at the property to see how it can be saved.

Restoring Your Property from Fire Damage

The biggest part of restoring a fire damaged property is the cleaning up. The rooms that have been burned the most will have to be remodeled, so that they’re guaranteed to have sound structures. Smoke and fire residue will need to be removed, so that it doesn’t cause any respiratory health problems. The burnt smell is hard to get rid of unless you remove all of the burnt particles. Professional water and fire restoration companies use a HEPA vacuum to get rid of all the debris, fire extinguisher residue and soot left behind. You don’t want to have a fan on while cleaning up these areas because it could cause respiratory distress due to the dust and debris flying about.

Restoring Your Water Damaged Property

Water damage is something that continues to happen as time goes on. If you don’t dry up your home quickly, you could be at risk of having mold and mildew building up around your property, which can be hazardous to people’s health. You will also need to have the property checked out by professionals to determine the integrity of its structure. Vacuums and dehumidifiers will have to be used to clean out the water and dry the floors, walls and furniture. If mold and other fungi begin to grow, you will need to have mold remediation done to get rid of the problem. Having a professional do this for you will ensure that every corner of your home is dried and mold free. They have access to commercial-grade equipment, including vacuum freeze, freezer, cryogenic and vacuum thermal drying techniques that can restore your property fairly quickly.

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