remodel horror storiesWorried about taking on a home remodeling project, only for it to turn into an absolute nightmare? Well, join the millions of other homeowners that are in the same boat. Unfortunately, many have made mistakes, but you can use them to your advantage. Learn from them to help you avoid having the same horror story happen to you.

Having Exposed Pipes

There have been mishaps where plumbing work is left exposed in unsightly places like the living room. If you were to have this happen to you and a home inspector came by, you can guarantee that this wouldn’t pass inspection. Not only does it cause logistical issues, but safety problems as well. Plus, it looks horrid! Also, you may want to think twice about buying a property that has this issue because it could get expensive and aggravating to deal with.

Many Rooms, But Not Enough Bathrooms

When there’s a home that has three or more bedrooms and only one restroom, there is sure to be problems in that household, especially if all of the bedrooms are occupied. Imagine the line of people waiting in the hallway every morning! However, this is an easy fix, if space allows. A bathroom addition can be made with the help of a licensed contractor. This will also up your property value.

Having Odd Floor Plans

Have you ever been to a house that had a closet near the front door remodeled into a bathroom? This could be weird for guests who have to sit only a few feet from the front door. Hopefully there is a lock on the door, so that visitors don’t open the door, thinking it is a closet.

Garages that Are Too Big

There’s nothing wrong with having a big garage, but if it is taking up too much of your living space, then there is a problem. When the garage dominates the front of your home, it can look odd. For instance, if it is too wide, it can look like carriage house instead of a residential property.

Cheap Materials Used for Remodels

Having a cheap looking kitchen or bathroom remodel can look tacky in many ways. This is especially true if you decided to have laminate floors installed in a kitchen that has new appliances and nice-looking cabinets. The theme should match and look great.

Porches in the Wrong Places

If you have a porch installed that is blocking a window that would otherwise let in plenty of natural sunlight, it can make the room gloomy. When selecting where to have a porch built, make sure to think twice to avoid making a bad decision.

Having a Great Room that is too Great

This means having a great room that extends beyond the second and third stories to the ceiling. This will make your home feel more like a warehouse, than a cozy home. This may not play too well with your guests.

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