Guest bedroomHave a spare room or space in your home that you would like to transform into a guest bedroom? Then you will find that remodeling and designing your guest room to be a bit fun. There are a couple of things that you will need to keep in mind as you are creating the perfect guest room. After all, it’s where your visitors will lay their head, so you want it to be relaxing, comfortable and convenient. Here are a couple of ideas that will help you to make a guest room that is welcoming and appealing.

Install New Floors and Paint the Walls

What better way to revitalize a room than with fresh paint and brand new floors? When you go into this room, how does the paint on the walls look? If it is chipped up and/or dull, then it’s time to shop around for some paint. Outdated wallpaper should be removed and replaced with paint as well. Choosing the color of paint that you want to use all comes to your own preference, but shouldn’t be anything too loud. It’s a bedroom, so you want to make sure that it has relaxing neutral or earth tone colors like green, tan, white or pale yellow. You can even top things off with a nice border with a soft pattern.

Then for the floors, you can either go with brand new carpeting or choose a different material, such as wood or laminate. If you currently have carpets in this room and they are stained and worn, then it’s time to have a new one installed. If you decide to go with the popular hardwood flooring, then you can buy an area rug to place near the bed, so that your guests will have a warm place to put their feet when they get out of bed. Heated floors can also be used.

Coordinate the Colors with Your Décor

Once you have painted the room, try to match the décor of the room with it. This would include the comforters, curtains, furniture and wall hangings. By having everything match will give the room a nice vibe and also make the room seem well planned out. Your guests will adore the room, especially if you’ve chosen comforting colors and schemes.

Adding a Small Bathroom

Your guests should have quick and easy access to a bathroom, so if the only one nearby is down a long hallway, you should consider having one built. If the guest room has sufficient space, you can have a contractor take off a section of the room and use that to build your guest their own private bathroom. This can either be a full bath or a half bath.

Adding the Final Touches

To top everything off, you can begin placing items in the guestroom that your guest would want or need to use. This includes a television, DVD player and alarm clock. You can also include plants and flowers, magazines and books.

To get your guest room looking great, hire the remodeling contractors at CA Green Remodeling. Give us a call now to find out more!

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