Winter WindowsWinter is around the corner and you still have the same ol’ windows. Whether you’re looking to weatherproof your home or make it look nicer, there are many reasons why you should upgrade the windows of your property. Even warmer climates like San Diego are hit with cool air during the winter, making homeowners wish they replaced their windows beforehand. Before winter comes this year, think ahead and make the switch for your windows.

Why Change Your Windows

Deciding to have your windows replaced could stem from different forms of reasoning. It’s important to make sure that the benefits outweigh the costs for the investment or you’ll regret your decision. Here are a couple of reasons to have your window replaced:

• To keep out cold winter air, allowing you to save between $125 and $450 annually. This is possible by having drafts and air leaks removed with better windows and upgrades with energy-saving materials.

• To make it easier to access and use a window as needed. Some windows are hard to open and close or are in a hard-to-reach location. This can be easily taken care of by replacing your window.

• To enhance your security. This is ideal if you are planning to go away on vacation this winter and don’t want burglars to easily get into your home.

• To give your home a new look. If you’re looking to sell your property, new windows that are stylish can help to make your home look enticing to prospects. Or if you just want to make a good impression on those who visit your home, you can do that as well.

Considerations for Replacing Windows During the Winter

If you are planning to wait until the last minute to replace your windows this winter, then you should keep in mind some of the problems you may come across by doing so, including:

• Wintertime conditions that are harsh can make it harder to apply caulk, which is a very important component for window installations. It’s what keeps the outdoor cold air from coming inside.

• The job could be rushed by contractors who don’t want to be working in uncomfortable weather.

• Window varieties may be limited due to lower market demand. This means you may have to choose a window that you aren’t necessarily keen about.

When choosing a contractor to install your windows over the winter, it should be someone that is able to deliver great work, no matter the weather conditions. Don’t settle for the low-priced, unprofessional contractors that are fly-by-night.

At CA Green Remodeling, we have licensed, bonded and insured professionals that can install your windows, sunshine or snow. Give us a call today for a free quote.

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