Air purifierAs homeowners become more health and environmentally conscious, they’re looking for innovative ways to keep their homes pure and safe. The air you breathe, especially in your home, is tainted with many different pollutants. This is especially so if you use certain materials and paints for the building or remodeling of your home. Purifying the air in your home starts with using non-toxic materials, but you can also take certain precautions to eliminate the toxins that are already there. You can do this by installing an air filtration system into your home. There are different types to choose from, but the one you choose will be based on the size of your home and your budget.

Standalone Air Filtration System

if you’re looking for an affordable way to clean the air in your home, you can use a standalone air purifier. This is a small unit that you can plug into your wall and turn off and on like a fan. This is ideal for purifying small spaces such as a room or garage. It will get rid of many pollutants that are found in the air including germs, dust mites, spores, stinky odors, smoke, fumes from paint, allergens and other types of contaminants. Standalone air filtration systems are ideal for homes that have air quality issues in certain areas, such as the basement, bathroom or garage.

Whole House Air Filtration System

On the other hand, if you’re looking to purify the air in your entire house, then you should consider getting a whole house air purifier. This is going to cost way more money and you would need a contractor to do the installation for you. The great thing about systems is that every will have air quality. These can produce allergy symptoms in respiratory problems related to air contaminants. If you have a newborn or small children, who have weaker immune systems, this would be a great investment.

Cool Air Filtration Systems and Energy Efficiency

After a home has been remodeled for energy efficiency, it is a great idea to have an air filtration system installed. Since the home has been sealed up tight to keep air inside, you want to ensure that the air that is now trapped inside of your home is as pure as possible. The tighter your home is sealed, the harder it is for air contaminates to escape. Keep this in mind if you have recently had your home remodeled for energy efficiency.

Prices for Air Filtration Systems

Air purifiers come in different sizes and different price tags. If you are looking for a tabletop filtration system, you can find one as cheap as $60. For something a bit bigger, like for a large room, you could find some between $150 to $300, give or take. For the larger whole house air purification systems, you can expect to pay somewhere around $1,500, not including installation costs.

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