This is a topic that has become popular lately, given the new models that look a lot like site built homes. Back when modular homes first came out, they looked like boxes. These were known as trailers or mobile homes. They came in a rectangular shape and would have limited square footage. Then they grew bigger into doublewides, but these too were limited to their rectangular shape. Today, you can find modular homes being built into homes that look just like site built homes. They have different angles and come with as many bedroom and bathrooms as you wish.

Transporting Your Home Anywhere in the Country

One of the great things about modular homes is that they can be transported to any city you live in. If you have a lot that you purchased that can fit your home, then you can have a modular home built and taken to your home on the back of the truck. Depending on how big your home is, it will likely have to be broken into pieces, and then reassembled once it reaches your property.

Setting the Foundation for Stability and Safety

One downfall about modular homes is that they are usually set on top of cylinder blocks. The bottom is then covered with a skirting. Those who live in a city with hurricanes and tornadoes know that this is a set up for disaster. Strong winds can easily blow away your home, unlike with site build houses. To avoid this, you can set a foundation at the bottom of the home, so that it is grounded and better at sustaining high winds. The foundation can be done with concrete or bricks. You’ll need to consider what type of plumbing you want to have, so that this can be done at the time the foundation is set.

Faster Construction

Modular homes can be built much faster than site built homes, giving it another advantage. One belief about modular homes is that they aren’t as strongly built as site built houses. Truth is that they are actually built stronger because they have to survive being transported from one site to another. A study that was conducted by FEMA in the 1990s showed that during Hurricane Andrew, modular homes were the ones that withstood the storm better. In most cases, your modular home can be finished within weeks. Not to mention, having a modular home built is cheaper than site built houses. Of course, the bigger the home and more appliances you have it built with, the more it will cost. Some manufacturers give floor plan and appliance options that you can choose from.

Overall, having a modular home built seems to be a great option if you’re looking for something that is faster, cheaper and just as beautiful as site built homes. You can even find manufacturers that comply with Energy Star when building, providing you with an energy efficient home.

If you have a modular or site built home that you would like to have remodeled, don’t hesitate to give CA Green Remodeling a call!

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