basement officeBasements can be excellent office spaces, if you know how to plan it right. The following tips will guide you how to go about turning your basement into an alternative office:

1. Make A Prior Assessment
Use the services of an expert if you cannot figure it out yourself. It is important to determine if your basement is suitable for conversion into an office. The floor area and the possibility of installing various amenities that you will need in an office must be explored. If you cannot get Internet down there or phone signal, it is probably a no-go.

2. Water and Humidity Proof
You certainly do not want your basement office flooded or filled with mold. So, check for drainage outlets, and waterproofing options.

3. Sound Proof The Office
It is often a good idea to install soundproofing in your basement office. This is especially important if you are one of those people who go to conventional offices for the sole purpose for avoiding the household noises.

4. A Good Entrance
Do not make your clients uncomfortable by leading them down to your basement office via the staircase in your basement. Include a separate entrance for them. There is a reason people stopped working out of their homes and moved into neutral zones to conduct their businesses.

5. Plan Carefully
Always plan the constructions before you get the hammer and the nail, because basement is something you cannot resize later to accommodate any hitches in the dimensions. It is usually not a pleasant experience when the furniture you get for your basement office cannot get through the door.

6. Have The Wiring Concealed
If you get your furniture after you have installed the electrical sockets, switches and wires, chances are, your office floor will be strewn with extension cords. Think about the appliances that you are going to need, and think of the furniture that you are going to have to keep them on. This way you can make sure that the wiring is done in such a way as to allow switches and sockets to be close to the appliances. After all, you do not want yourself or your clients tripping all over the basement floor.

7. Have A Washroom Attached
Include a washroom in your basement plan too. A small kitchenette is a good add-on too. You can have a snack without “going home” and interrupting your “office ambiance”.

8. Pay Attention to Ventilation
This is always an issue with basements. Install a good dehumidifier to keep the air from getting stale, an air-conditioner to keep the temperature comfortable, efficient storage spaces to achieve an uncluttered appearance, and proper lighting to keep it from looking like a dungeon. Also, consider fire safety and escape routes in the case of any emergency or mishap.

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