diy disasterA lot of homeowners are becoming avid DIYers, but if they aren’t careful, they could fall victim to problems. Not all home improvement projects can be performed by the average Jack or Jill of all trades. Sometimes, a professional is needed to take care of the job. Knowing what projects you can attack on your own and which ones require a licensed expert is important for your safety and the integrity of your home. It’s understandable that you want to save money on home remodeling projects, but this doesn’t make the risk worth taking.

Always Have a Solid Plan

When deciding to do a do-it-yourself project, you have to be sure that your plan is solid. Laying down new floors or painting the walls over is a simple task, but what if you decide that you want to have a heating floor or gorgeous porcelain tiles? Any home improvement project that requires electrical or plumbing work to be done should involve a licensed contractor. This will ensure your safety and that everything is done properly.

Obtain the Needed Building Permissions

To meet the regulations of your city or county, you will need to obtain the proper permits for certain home improvements. If you will be knocking down walls to add on bedrooms or building add-ons, you will need to go to your county’s office to apply for a permit. No work can be done until the application has been approved and handed to you. You should call the office before doing any home remodeling to check if a permit is required. Sometimes, one isn’t needed. Permits come with fees, so make sure to fit that into your budget.

If you are planning to do some construction work that has safety concerns, then you should think carefully about doing it yourself. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so don’t hesitate to contact a reliable contractor to do the job.

Don’t DIY Just Because Someone Else Did

It’s common for people to be talked into doing projects themselves by friends and family members who have done it. They will tell you that it’s a better option because you are saving money, but it could turn out to be a disaster if you aren’t properly prepared and capable of doing the job. You will need to have the knowhow and tools to get it done. Look over the costs to have the work done by a professional. Consider the time you’ll have to put in and the actual costs.

When hiring a contractor to help you with a home improvement project, make sure that he is licensed, bonded and insured. You should also check for references. The longer he’s been in the field, the better. To have work done in your home, you can trust the licensed professionals at CA Green Remodeling. Give us a call today!

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