kitchen remodelingThe kitchen is the most remodeled room in the home and for good reason. There are plenty of different design ideas floating around out there, most of which are aimed at modern designs. Homeowners are looking to spruce up their kitchens in a way that is functional and sometimes futuristic in feel. The types of kitchen remodeling projects that are being undergone and are likely to go on this year are various. If you’re looking for inspiration, then hopefully you’ll find it in one of the areas below.

Choosing Colors that Offer Complementary Contrasts

Whoever said black and white is boring? A lot of kitchen renovations are consisting of contrasting colors like black and white, offering a great cameo effect. We are seeing kitchens evolve in many areas, such as the appliances and lighting that are being used, but one thing that doesn’t seem to go out of style are black and white kitchens. In this theme, it’s about high contrast. This could consist of black granite countertops and white cabinets with black handles. Then to top it off, black and white checkered backsplashes and black appliances could be great finishing touches. The only oddball in some of these designs is the floors, which tend to have rustic hardwood floors. The overall look of this type of kitchen would be country, yet modern.

Adding Bright Lighting Fixtures to Small Kitchens

Small kitchens are going to be getting big renovations in 2014. Big lights can add a grand effect to smaller kitchens, especially those that hang from the ceiling. For example, bold oversized lights with fabric shades make amazing additions over kitchen islands or just in the middle of the room. These lights are typically two feet in diameter, so they are pretty big. However, these big, bright lights bring a sense of depth can dramatize a kitchen that has a usual low ceiling. To complement bodacious lights with black shades, you could add luxury cabinets with near-black stain and stainless steel or all black appliances.

Illusions of Larger Kitchens

Big bright lights are only one way to add the illusion of a larger kitchen in 2014. A lot of homeowners are fearsome of having dark colored cabinets because they may make small kitchens appear even smaller, but the opposite holds true if you instill light colored backsplashes and countertops into your kitchen’s décor. You can go with tan, eggplant, white or another light color that suits the color scheme of your kitchen. Some people use mirrored tile for the backsplash. These implementations can cause a light and shadow effect that can add balance to your kitchen.

Kitchens with Farmhouse Flair

Cast-iron sinks offer kitchens a homely farmhouse feel and can be purchased in a variety of colors. So if you’re worried about installing a cast-iron sink that is made of copper or another metal, you can have one that is painted white, if that suits your kitchen’s décor. Another name for these fixtures is apron-front sinks. They add great emphasis to your kitchen and are very functional, allowing you to wash large pots and lots of dishes if needed. Even shorter people can benefit from it, since it allows easier access to them. It’s best to use these style sinks in medium and large kitchens.

farmhouse sink

Implementing Commercial Décor for Home Chefs

Those who enjoy cooking are becoming savvier about redesigning their kitchens. The typical residential kitchen is slowly being replaced with industrial style kitchens with larger prepping spaces, such as kitchen islands and added countertops. The design in this scenario is to remodel with the idea of maximizing prep space for cooking. For the décor, engineered stones like quartz and granite can be used for the backsplashes and countertops. These stones are great because they last a long time and are durable against chopping blades and heat, and require little maintenance.

industrial home kitchen

Transforming Kitchens into Dwelling Places

The kitchen is slowly, but surely becoming a place just for cooking and eating. It’s being transformed into a place where family and friends can hang out and enjoy each other’s company. The design of kitchens are becoming just as luxurious as any other room of the home, making them what’s called “destination kitchens”.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets

Making kitchens eco-friendly is on the to-do list for a lot of homeowners this year. This can be done by replacing kitchen appliances with those that are energy efficient. But it doesn’t stop here. You can install eco-friendly kitchen cabinets, which make a small carbon footprint to create, uses non-toxic glues and are made up of biodegradable materials. Not to mention, these are made in a gorgeous way, making eco-friendliness a stylish trend.

Quartz Will Be the New Granite

Granite has been all the rave for many years, but it looks like we have a new contender that will soon be the champion. Quartz is becoming increasing popular, especially in kitchens. Not only do they look great, but they are more cost-effective than granite. People love it because it is a durable stone – it doesn’t chip easy, can withstand heat and doesn’t stain. This translates to easy maintenance for homeowners—something that avid cooks love to hear.

Transforming your kitchen into a room that is eco-friendly, enjoyable and great to look at is something that a lot of homeowners are looking to achieve with their kitchen remodeling projects. To get assistance with your 2014 kitchen remodeling project, give the licensed contractors at CA Green Remodeling a call today!

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