Too many homeowners renovate their homes with “today” in mind. This only causes them to remodel the same room over once they begin to age. This goes without saying that few young people are thinking 20 years down the road when things may not be as accessible as they once were, causing a need for a major overhaul. No one really expects to become handicapped due to an injury or old age, but it’s something that homeowners should definitely think about. Down the line, this could end up saving you time and money.

Renovating Your Bathroom for Longevity

One area that homeowners will likely end up remodeling once reaching a certain age is the restroom. Smaller renovations, like painting the walls and changing the flooring can be changed just about any time you wish. These don’t have an effect on your ability to use the restroom, unless you get flooring that is too slippery when wet (something to keep in mind as you get older and have less balance). When it comes to remodeling your shower, sink and toilet, you can do so in a way that is decorative, yet age-friendly. For instance, you can install a shower stall that has seats and a railing, also known as grab bars. If you will have a new bath tub installed, consider having one with a door installed, which will make getting out a lot easier.  Then the bathroom vanity can be set to the same height as kitchen cabinets (some tend to be quite tall) and there a comfort height toilets, which are taller than older models. The lighting in the bathroom can also be improved to combat aging eyes.

Redecorating Your Kitchen

This is another room where we spend a lot of our time, especially as we get older. The kitchen shouldn’t have to be remodeled more than one time, and if you plan things out accordingly, you won’t have to. With accessible remodeling services, you will be able to do this. One way of redecorating your kitchen for accessibility is to have your kitchen countertops installed at a low height. The same should be done for the kitchen cabinet. If you’re ever in a wheelchair or are no longer able to climb on a step ladder to accessible kitchenreach things in the cabinet, this will counter that issue.

The lighting throughout your home, along with the placement of the light switches should also be kept in mind. In the event that someone in your home is ever permanently placed in a wheelchair, having everything within reach will make living there a lot easier. The concept is to allow the residents of your home to live independently for years to come. This beats moving into a retirement home or constantly needing the assistance of a nurse or other family member.

Think ahead as you plan your home renovations for May – home improvement month!

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