installing sidingWhen your siding has become worn out, it’s a no-brainer to have them replaced. However, there are other areas of your home that you should improve when doing so. Having a gorgeous exterior draws people in, which is a good way to make a first impression to visitors and potential homebuyers, if you’re selling your home. By making the following home improvements at the same time you install new siding, you can save money and aggravation. Overall, it will make your home more durable and easy on the eyes.

Upgrade the House Wrap

In order to help insulate your home, house wrap is used. This is known as an air barrier, which sits between the interior and exterior walls of your home. If you’ve had drafts coming in lately, this could be due to deterioration of the house wrap. It is designed to collect moisture and keep it from getting into t walls of your home, which can cause damage. House wrap is made of a lightweight synthetic material that is easy to remove and install. Your energy efficiency can be improved by replacing old house wraps or adding to them.

Install Exterior Wiring beneath the Siding

When you install new siding, you can have wiring installed beneath it for your outdoor lighting. If you were planning to install landscape lighting for security or decorative purposes, then this is the time to do it. The wires will be hidden from sight and you’ll save money from having to remove the siding later on to place the wires underneath. Even if you aren’t looking to add lights now, you can still do the wiring, so that it’s already done. This way, when you decide to add illumination, you can easily do so. Some people even have receptacles or outlets installed during this time. Adding a porch light or ceiling fan is simple with this out of the way.

Install New Windows

This is also a good time to choose brand new window styles for your home. You can find windows that were designed to look great, but also improve the energy efficiency of your property. It’s a good idea to install insulation at this point, so that air leakage is eliminated as much as possible. Simply installing insulation and using fiber cement isn’t going to be enough. Some homeowners have still reported having drafts and cold spots. Installing new windows can be a solution to this problem. Upgrading these areas at the same time will provide you with more energy efficiency. Why not attack all areas at once?

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