Home improvement ideas 2013Thinking about making home improvements to your property for better comfort or to increase its value? Then you’ll find these ideas to be considerable as renovation projects. You may notice that they are becoming trends in neighborhoods throughout the United States as well. See if you can make any of these ideas your own (maybe you’ll get inspiration to make up your own trend).

Adding Special Purpose Rooms

In the midst of the housing crisis, people are still planning home improvements. Since buying a new home is out of the question for some, making certain renovations can make staying in one spot worthwhile. For instance, special purpose rooms are becoming more popular, especially for those who telecommute to work. Having a home office can make your work more efficient. Then if you ever decide to head back to a corporate office, you can transform the room back into a guest bedroom or an entertainment room.

Building Smaller Homes

The days of buying oversized homes are over for now. A lot more people are choosing to build smaller homes. Some may not be like the infamous tiny houses that have been popping up everywhere, but folks are reconsidering large floor plans, especially if they don’t have a big family. However, this doesn’t mean that they are going all-out with getting top quality appliances and materials for their kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Mini-mansions are definitely in for 2013.

Using Concrete Over Asphalt

Having a driveway made with concrete can make your home a lot hotter during the summertime. To lower your energy bills, you can use asphalt instead. This will help to absorb the heat instead of raising the air’s temperature. This also helps to minimize pollution because it reduces the amount of sunlit-infused smog.

Smaller Yards, Grander Designs

The smaller homes that are being built are placed on smaller lots, which means less maintenance, but it doesn’t have to mean uglier. Small yards allow you to use less, which makes designing the lawn more affordable. You can get small bushes and trees and install lighting or create a pebble path or even place ornaments that you think are nice looking. You can go a long ways with small spaces if you plan accordingly.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Lowering costs of homeownership is always on the minds of property owners these days. One way to improve your home for energy efficiency is to install appliances that use less energy, like those approved by EnergyStar. Many different brands sell models that are compliant with EnergyStar, including heating and cooling systems, cooking appliances and dishwashers. Even televisions and computers are being built with the environment in mind.

If you would like to plan your home improvement for 2013, contact the licensed professionals at CA Green Remodeling today!

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