quality cabinetsChoosing cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom isn’t always an easy task, especially once you find out the variety of different materials and styles that you can buy. Purchasing good quality cabinets is important if you’re looking for longevity. Not all cabinets are created equal when it comes to durability. Cost doesn’t always mean that it is better quality either. With these tips, you should be able to determine whether a cabinet set is worthwhile or not.

Finding Quality Budget-Priced Cabinets

The main categories of cabinets are budget-priced and custom-made. With the budget-priced cabinets, the price is kept down by using as much particle board as they can. This is a low quality material, which is used for the box, shelves, tops and bottoms of cabinets. So when you’re looking for quality cabinets, you want to find a set that contains as little particle board as possible. In fact, if you can find a cabinet with no particle board at all, that’s a winner in quality. Instead, these are made with MDF veneers, plywood veneers and other solid woods. You can tell the difference by removing the top to see how much particle board is used. There is a spec sheet found here, which will tell you how the cabinet was made.

Check the Doors to Determine Quality

Another area you can look at to find out if the cabinets are quality are the door. The face frame of cabinets are solid wood, but the actual door is sometimes made with MDF or a combo of veneers and real wood. This would make the door lower in quality and durability. It looks good, but it won’t last too long.

How Long Will the Cabinet Last?

This is determined by how much particle board is being used. It is common for the bottom of a cabinet to start to decay due to water leaks and setting water that seeps through. Plywood would last longer than particle board. A lot of manufacturers today are using vinyl covering for sinks that have particle board cabinets, which helps to stop water drips.

Pay Attention to the Drawers

Most drawers are made with MDF, particle board, solid wood or plywood. What the drawers are made with doesn’t really matter because all it is made to do is hold your silverware. All of them will do the job. However, you want to pay attention to the drawer glide system. You don’t want to purchase one that is made with board particle because it will break easily. Then if the drawer is made of particle board and it falls out because of a weak glide system, it too will break. A drawer that is made out of dovetail solid wood would bounce off the floor if dropped. You can look at a glide system and tell if it is good quality – the thicker it is the better. The thinner ones aren’t going to stick around long. The gliders that are mounted at the sides are cheaper quality, while the one mounted beneath are better.

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