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Don’t Live Without a Solid Roof this Winter

winter step

Having a reliable roof for any season of the year, especially the winter, is important for the stability of your home. Without a solid roof, you could end up dealing with water leaks, rodents and outside air seeping in. There are different types of roofs that you can choose between, but not all are created […]

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Last-Minute Fall Renovation Ideas

Fall Renovations

Summer has come and gone and fall will soon turn into winter. Having your home renovated for the fall can still be done, while there’s still time. Most of the renovations that you focus on this fall should revolve around maintenance. However, given the circumstances of the economy, you will have to pick and choose […]

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Home Improvement Ideas for 2013

Home improvement ideas 2013

Thinking about making home improvements to your property for better comfort or to increase its value? Then you’ll find these ideas to be considerable as renovation projects. You may notice that they are becoming trends in neighborhoods throughout the United States as well. See if you can make any of these ideas your own (maybe […]

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Tips for Saving Space in a Small Kitchen

small kitchen remodel

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to deal with a crowded space. There are clever ways to help make your small kitchen appear bigger and even function like a larger one, without busting down walls. If you are frequently in the kitchen cooking, then you know how it can […]

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The Pros and Cons of Granite, Quartz and Solid Surface


Choosing the right type of material for your new countertops can be hard if you don’t know much about the different surfaces. Here, we will go over the good and bad for granite, solid surface and quartz. Hopefully, this will enable you to choose the best material for your countertop or floors. The Pros and […]

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Improving Indoor Air Quality with a Make-Up Air Damper

If you’ve never heard of a make-up air damper, you’re likely more familiar with range-hoods found in kitchens. Like with the purpose of range-hoods, make-up air dampers are used to circulate and clean air. The difference between the two is that make-up air dampers help pull in outside air and push inside air out, so […]

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Choosing a Material for Your Deck

Deck Material

Back in the day, the only material that was used to build decks was wood. Today, you can find a variety of colors and materials to build with, such as cedar wood, PVC and even metal. When choosing the right one for your deck, it’s important to consider the climate of the region you live […]

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How to Create a Basement Home Office – 8 Simple Steps

basement office

Basements can be excellent office spaces, if you know how to plan it right. The following tips will guide you how to go about turning your basement into an alternative office: 1. Make A Prior Assessment Use the services of an expert if you cannot figure it out yourself. It is important to determine if […]

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Tips for Minimizing Water Damage in Your Home

water damage

Water damage can be very costly, and fortunately, it can sometimes be prevented. Paying attention to the aches and pains of your home is important to maintaining its well-being. Just like a person, your home should be taken care of, so that it will last longer. The wintertime and summertime can lead to water damage […]

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Benefits of Having a New Construction Home

new home construction

Owning a home should be more personal than just looking through listings, trying to find all of the features you and your family would enjoy. Having a new construction home comes with its perks, especially if you are the one designing it. Why not look into building your new home from the ground up? You […]

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