Juliet balconyRemember the Romeo and Juliet play from high school? Then you know all too well what a Juliet balcony is. By having one built for your home, you can make your home more versatile and even gorgeous. A Juliet balcony is a small veranda that can hardly fit one individual, which is why some may wonder why even go through the hassle of adding one to their home. Unlike with bigger patios and balconies, a Juliet balcony isn’t meant to host large groups of people. Instead, it is meant to be an extension of an interior room, adding an outdoor ambiance to the room.

Designing the Juliet Balcony

Typically, a Juliet balcony is designed like the one from Shakespeare’s play. It is short and narrowly rectangular. Then it is surrounded with stone balustrade, which has plinths to support it. The room attached to the Juliet balcony has a glass door that allows entry to the outside. A lot goes into the design of Juliet balconies, more so than what it is intended to be used for, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a functional space.

Ways to Use Your Juliet Balcony

Having a Juliet balcony can be very useful if used in the right way. One way to make good use of a Juliet balcony is to place a garden on it. You can have railing planters installed, along with hanging baskets and balcony boxes, giving you a beautiful high-rise garden on the side of your home. This has become a great trend for city dwellers who live in apartment buildings and condos. By having plant life outside of your home, it can add a tranquil, natural feel to your home’s design. To give it a European feel, you can have vines intertwined in the balustrades. Then for added privacy, a shaded trellis can be added.

Another way to use your Juliet balcony is to open up an entire wall, giving you a life-size window with a great view. This will provide the room with more light and fresh air, which is great during the spring and summer months.

In urban areas, Juliet balconies can offer your home a great view. They don’t take up a lot of space, yet you can get an great cityscape that your guests will admire.

Modernize Your Juliet Balcony

Some homeowners think that since they live in a brick or stone house that a Juliet balcony can’t be built. If you feel that the old design of Juliet balconies isn’t modern enough, you can exchange the stone balustrades with glass railings. You could also use iron gates for the sides to give it a rustic look. It would even make a great accent to your patio or deck, if you already have one.

Having a Juliet balcony built for your home can be quite affordable. With the help of the contractors at CA Green Remodeling, you can have a quality balcony built with the design you prefer. Give us a call today to get information and a free quote.

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