Looking for professional remodeling services for your home? CA Green Remodeling, Inc. has the experts needed to transform your home into a beautiful place to live. Whether you’re looking for interior or exterior remodeling, we can assist you. Here is a bit more insight on the services that we offer:

Bathroom Remodeling

With our bathroom remodeling service, you can have your floors, and water and light fixtures replaced. If you’d like to have a large garden tub, standup shower or a new sink set up, we can get it done. Putting down new floors, installing new lights and painting the walls are also possible. When everything is said and done, you won’t be able to recognize your restroom.

Kitchen Remodeling

The room that many people spend lots of time in is the kitchen. If your cooking area could use brand new counters, appliances and cabinets, kitchen remodeling services would be your best bet. We can remodel your entire kitchen from floor to ceiling. Just let us know what you want done and we will make it happen.

Room Additions

If you’re looking to expand an existing room or add an entirely new room to your home, ask CA Green Remodeling, Inc. about its room addition services. We can safely extend your home, making it more spacious. Now, you can build that nursery, office or bedroom that you’ve been wanting. We will bring your concept to a reality.

Courtyard Renovations & Decks/Patios

Is your backyard a bit shabby? If you would like to have a courtyard that you can invite people to for cookouts and parties, then you could use our courtyard renovation service. With this option, you can have a patio, deck or landscaping done. Enhancing the look and feel of your courtyard is possible with the remodeling contractors at our company. A deck or patio can be built in the front or back of your home as well. Enjoy evenings outdoors without getting bit up by mosquitoes with a new screened in patio.

Electrical Work

Need to have the wiring in your home updated? Or maybe you would like to have wiring added for extra outlets or for lighting fixtures that you’d like installed. Any type of electrical work you need can be handled by our general contractors. Never attempt to do electrical work on your own – call the experts at CA Green Remodeling, Inc. instead!

Windows and Doors

With our windows and doors service, you can have them all replaced with nicer-looking ones. Want to have a bay window or double front doors installed? Maybe you’d like to have a sliding patio door. We can do it all, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Interior & Exterior Painting

A fresh paint job can be a world of difference for your home. The painters at CA Green Remodeling, Inc. can paint the inside or outside of your home, giving it a nice new look. Paint can transform the atmosphere of a property. Need help choosing the right colors? Ask our paint experts today!

Remodeling for the Disabled

If you or someone in your family has a disability, we can make their lives easier with our remodeling services. We specialize in disabled remodeling, which includes installing ramps inside and outside the home and lowering cabinets, sinks and counters for those in wheelchairs. Let us know what changes you’d like done to your home and we will take care of it at a reasonable price.

Green Remodeling

Remodeling your home for energy efficiency is another one of our specialties. If you’d like to lessen your carbon footprint and save money on your electric bill, this service was made just for you. Get in touch with our green contractors to set up an appointment to have your home inspected.

If you could use any of these services, contact CA Green Remodeling, Inc to get a free quote!