home remodelingThe real estate prices have fallen considerably in the past 5 years but this need not be a reason to mope around. Present home owners can use this lull to focus on home remodeling projects that now are a little more affordable than ever before. While it might not be wise to add a swimming pool to your court yard or a large bedroom on the first floor, there are many home improvement ideas that would be cost efficient, yet bring up the home value exponentially. Here are some suggestions that you could consider if you are a home owner who has plans to sell the property a few years from now:

1. Indoor Home Improvement – most home owners tend to ignore the basics while focusing on the cosmetic improvement of the house. However, recent studies show that buyers focus more of how sturdy and updated on the basic infrastructure the home is instead of the aesthetics of the interiors or exteriors. The best investment now would be to address all such issues that could reflect poorly in a home inspection report. Pay special attention to your air conditioning and heating systems, plumbing and wiring in your home.

2. Outdoor Home Improvement – in this bracket, home buyers look for both aesthetics and functionality. You could go for replacing the old garage door with a fancy looking, sturdy and gorgeous latest model. Similarly, upgrading the front door and windows would offer added security as well as the required good looks to the house.

3. Attached Or New Bathrooms – for most it is a highly sought-after luxury to have a bedroom with attached bathroom. This offers the required privacy and gives the home a luxuriant feel. According to the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) post 2011 bathrooms are among the top concerns of home buyers. This type of renovation can add almost 20% over the home value. If you cannot add a new one, you could consider remodeling it into a ultra-modern facility.

4. Kitchen Facelift and Remodeling – this type of home improvement has always topped the lists when it came to factor for enhancing home value. No matter what else, you cannot lose when you invest in the remodeling of your kitchen. However, to ensure you get the highest returns do not got for re-flooring or enlarging it – unless it is really small and ugly –as this would cost too much in today’s economic conditions. However, you could definitely go for a super facelift to make your kitchen ultra modern, and gadget friendly.

5. Check Out The Attic – this is the best time to turn the attic into a gorgeous attic bedroom. You could even attach a bathroom and voila you have added home to your home by increase the inner space with a luxurious extra bedroom.

Keep the costs as conservative as possible while you are remodeling your home. With any of the above home improvements you are sure to increase the value of your home manifold.

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