Home Improvement Ideas1Whenever the topic of home improvement comes up, people normally think about kitchen renovation or remodeling of the bathroom as the most profitable value additions to the home. While this is true, it does not mean that these are your only options. There are many more things you can do and should do to increase the real estate value of your property. Here are some very unusual ideas that make excellent investment:

(1) Value Addition Amenities – it is not always necessary that you remodel or renovate your home for added value. You could instead upgrade the safety levels of the house by installing state-of-the-art alarm systems or close-circuit cameras or automatic gates and so on. In the present day, where safety is more and more an issue such improvement would bring up the value of your home significantly. Especially, if the home buyer is worried about young children or senior people living in the family. Other examples that could inspire you would be transforming a room into a home-theater, or installing a Jacuzzi in the bathroom, and so on. Think what would thrill people and see if you could add to your home.

(2) Increase the Storage Space – one extremely important thing yet always too less in modern homes is storage space. Many home owners realize that an additional pantry, laundry room, closet, etc can indeed dramatically increase the value of the property. Try adding ante-room to each bedroom or transform the attic into a large and spacious children’s bedroom cum hangout place. You could also remodel the basement into a gym, library, home theater or study cum play room. The increased and improved space made available would add a lot to the valuation of your home.

(3) Turn The Basement Into A Recreational Area – most people use their basement as storage place, laundry room, or utility room. Change into a recreational area to be used by children and adults alike. Put in air conditioning, good flooring, modular storage space and sitting and sleeping arrangements. Add a PC connected to broadband for Internet TV and you have an exceptionally cozy entertainment zone that can be used for leisure with the family or for party times. When you turn the basement into a fun living room, you have added value to your home without remodeling or renovating much. There is a huge list of resources on the Net with some very ingenious and cost-efficient ideas.

As you can see, home improvement or remodeling does not necessarily mean breaking and building rooms. You cold add enormous value to your home by refurbishing the unused space in your home so it adds up to the overall quality of your home. These types of renovations do not cost an arm and a leg, yet they enhance the value of the home quite significantly. There is no death of home improvement ideas either – just spend a day on the Internet and you will have more material than you could use in a lifetime.

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