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Notify Your Home Insurer Before Remodeling

home remodeling insurance

The year 2012 is predicted to have a higher number of homeowners that will remodel their homes. According to research conducted by Harvard University, there will be a 5.9% increase in the amount of money being spent on home renovations.  Unfortunately, a lot of property owners don’t check in with their house insurance companies beforehand. […]

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How to Finance a Home Improvement Project

home improvement financing

Excited about conducting a home improvement project, but don’t have the proper funds on hand? Well, join the thousands of others who are in your same predicament. Many homeowners are renovating their properties instead of moving to a new home that is bigger or “nicer”. In fact, statistics show that permits for home improvements are […]

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Make Home Remodeling Choices that have Longevity

accessible kitchen

Too many homeowners renovate their homes with “today” in mind. This only causes them to remodel the same room over once they begin to age. This goes without saying that few young people are thinking 20 years down the road when things may not be as accessible as they once were, causing a need for […]

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A Checklist for Home Improvement Month


Homeowners everywhere are planning out their home renovations for home improvement month. If you are doing the same, but don’t know where to start, then hopefully this checklist will help you get everything in order. The first hint is to focus on major renovations that are needed (roof leaks, etc.), versus decorative remodeling, such as […]

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Adding a Pool, Hot Tub or Spa for Summer Fun in the Sun

Pool and hot tub

Many Americans across the nation are and have been plotting on water fun for their homes. Instead of heading out to the pool, you can bring swimming done by adding a pool to your backyard. Or if you’re looking for a day of relaxation without leaving your residence, you can have a hot tub or […]

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5 Tips for Avoiding Home Improvement Scams

Home Improvement Fraud

Spring is here and many are looking to revamp their properties. Unfortunately, this is also the season for scam artists to prey on homeowners who may be interested in having their homes remodeled. There’s been a recent surge in home improvement scams, which is putting a lot of homeowners on their toes. This is a […]

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California is Seeing its Best Construction Growth in Six Years

Home construction

Since the economic downturn in 2008, the housing market has crept to a halt. This contributed to hundreds of thousands of jobs being lost in the construction industry – 425,000 jobs to be exact. This is a whopping 44% downsize from the August 2006 numbers, which showed to employ 966,000 people in construction. In February […]

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Homeowners Find Home Remodeling Inspiration from the Internet

Using the Internet for remodeling projects

The days of cutting out inspiring images from home design magazines may be over. The Internet is taking over the home remodeling industry by storm, thanks to its interactivity and convenience. Many homeowners are using various Internet avenues to get ideas and complete their projects. Social Media Madness One of the ways that homeowners are […]

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Getting Inspiration for Home Improvement Month in May

Home improvement month

It’s home improvement month – do you have any plans for your home’s remodel? Well, if you’re like many of the other Internet savvy homeowners out there, you’re using the Web to your advantage. There are so many different ways to get inspiration from the Internet, such as through design blogs, social media networks and […]

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Revolutionize Your Bathroom with Today’s Technology

Motion Activated Faucets and Intuitive Shower Systems As technology grows wiser and easier to use, so can your bathroom! Nowadays, we are seeing high-tech bathroom products in businesses and in the home space. Whether you are a busy bee with a quick morning bathroom routine or an ultra-modern connoisseur, renovating your bathroom with today’s top […]

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